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Travel vaccination - for an infant?

I am travelling to Thailand and Singapore in December with my six month old baby. I would like to know if Hepatitis A and typhoid vaccines are advised at this age.

In children under the age of 18 months the protection provided by typhoid vaccine is not as good as for older children or adults. However, typhoid fever is very unusual in children under the age of 2 years. If your trip is for leisure purposes and you will be staying in a good standard of accommodation in a popular resort then you could safely bring your baby even if he or she is not vaccinated against typhoid. With regard to Hepatitis A vaccine it is recommended that children under one year of age should not receive the vaccine. People often pay too much attention to vaccination and not consider the importance of hygiene. You should give your child bottled water and avoid ice pops and flavoured ices that may have been made from contaminated water. Avoid raw fruit and vegetables that cannot be peeled. If the fruit or vegetable can be peeled wash your hands with soap before peeling. It is best to avoid food and drink from street vendors because it is difficult to keep food clean when it is being sold on the streets. The preceding rules donít just apply to babies but apply to adults as well. There is an old saying with regard to food hygiene that is worth quoting: ďif you canít boil it, cook it, peel it then forget itĒ