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Tonsillitis - tonsils still enlarged?

I got tonsillitis a month ago and it was successfully treated with penicillin. Two weeks later I suffered a recurrence and was put on amoxycillin for a week. My tonsils are still swollen however and I continue to experience a slight discomfort in my throat. How long does it take for the swelling to go down?

It is possible that your tonsils were swollen before you had the episode of infection one month ago and you were not aware of it because they werenít causing symptoms. Many people have enlarged or swollen tonsils and they only experience symptoms when the tonsils become acutely inflamed due to infection. Enlarged tonsils only need attention if they are subject to recurrent bouts of infection or if they are causing obstructive symptoms. In either of those scenarios the option of undergoing tonsillectomy needs to be considered. Assuming that your tonsils were not enlarged prior to this recent episode of infection you can expect that the tonsils will regress in size over the coming weeks. Such regression in size is not immediate and does not instantly follow successful treatment of the infection with antibiotics. Sometimes the tonsils donít regress in size and can remain enlarged. This is not uncommon particularly following a severe episode of tonsillitis.