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CIN changes - recur in pregnancy?

My husband and I are both 31 years old and hope to start a family soon. I was treated for CIN 2 in 1996 but have been clear ever since. However, I am worried about it recurring during pregnancy. Is there anything I should look out for and should I have a smear before trying for a baby? My last smear was performed nine months ago.

You were treated successfully for CIN 2 6 years ago and have been clear of any changes in your follow up smear tests. Your last smear was 9 months ago, which was also clear. Therefore you do not need a further smear test until your next appointment is due, irrespective of whether or not you become pregnant in the meantime. I am not aware of any evidence that shows that pregnancy increases the likelihood of a woman experiencing a recurrence of CIN changes. However, you clearly still carry some lingering worries about your cervix and it would be reasonable to have another smear test performed before becoming pregnant if that is necessary to give you added peace of mind. You might also like to refer back to a previous article I wrote some time ago on the subject of the smear test and the CIN classification. That article can be accessed at: