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Facial hair - not growing?

Iím 18 years old and sexually developed in all aspects except for my facial hair. Iím deeply depressed that I donít need to shave and I have no signs of it either. I have very few light hairs on my sideburns, chin and moustache area. Iím really depressed and upset about this. Can you offer me any advice or information?

You indicate that you are fully sexually developed in every other respect, which suggests to me that your light growth of facial hair is normal for you. When you say that you are fully developed sexually I assume you mean that your penis has grown, that your testicles have developed, that your height has increased, that your voice has broken (due to enlargement of your larynx) and that your body has generally assumed the proportions of an adult male. Hair growth is often the last change that occurs when the process of puberty is coming to an end. Men vary greatly in the amount of facial hair that they produce and some men are genetically programmed to have a very light growth. If you have hair in your armpits and have pubic hair that is further evidence that hormonally all is well with you. Clearly you are very upset by your situation and I would advise that you should talk over your concerns with your GP who would be in a position to give you further information and support. If there was any doubt about your hormonal status that could be easily checked with a blood test. However, as stated earlier, if you have axillary (armpit) and pubic hair it is highly likely that your hormone status is normal.