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Fleeting skin rash - cause?

I have had a skin condition for the last 4 years or so. A rash comes upon my skin every so often. Sometimes the attacks are very bad but 90% of the time its mild. I get real puffy eyes, and a rash that appears out of nowhere covering most of my body. The rash is completely gone the next morning when I wake up but I still have the puffy eyes a bit. I have seen a lot of doctors about it but none seem to be able to help. Can you shed any light on this?

It is very difficult to shed any light on the possible causes of your condition without observing the rash. I suspect that many of the doctors you have attended have not seen the rash either since it only presents fleetingly and has probably disappeared by the time medical attention has been sought. The nature of the reaction you describe suggests the possibility of a recurring allergic reaction. It may be necessary for you to undergo allergy testing and I would suggest that you request that your GP refer you to a doctor with a particular interest in allergies.