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Acne - in my thirties?

I'm 32 years of age and I am still getting persistent spots (mild acne) around the mouth area, especially on the chin. I was treated successfully for mild acne in my early 20's with a combined contraceptive pill. The spots are sore and visually unattractive. Can you make any recommendations on what can be done?

Many people think of acne as a teenage problem but many people continue to be affected by this embarrassing skin condition into their twenties, thirties and beyond. You say that the spots are sore, which raises the possibility that you might need oral antibiotic treatment. If inflamed pustules are present on your chin this increases the likelihood that antibiotics will be needed. It is also possible that a further prescription of the combined contraceptive pill might be helpful to you, assuming that you are not a smoker. I would suggest that you return to see your GP and have your condition properly assessed. It might be necessary to recommence treatment for some months but I would be very confident that your condition can be satisfactorily controlled.