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Genital warts - cervical cancer risk?

I am 6 months pregnant and been diagnosed with genital warts. Iíve just had smear test. Will this progress to cervical cancer? Iím worried about this as my mother died of cervical cancer.

HPV (human papilloma virus) causes genital warts and has been associated with cancer of the cervix, vulva and vagina. However, most women with genital warts do not progress to develop cervical cancer. It is important that further research be conducted to further clarify the role of HPV in cervical cancer and it is also important to explore the possible role of smoking in the development of such cancers. In your particular case it is good that you have had a smear test and it would be wise to continue with such testing at regular intervals in order to detect abnormal changes early, should they occur. There is nothing inevitable about the likelihood of you developing cervical cancer and you are taking the appropriate steps to guard against that possibility.