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Medical records - transfer from previous doctor?

I changed doctors last year. Can I request my full medical record from my old GP and not just a summary of my conditions?

When a person changes their doctor it is standard practice for the medical record to be transferred to the new doctor. However, if a person has enjoyed reasonably good health and has not had a complicated medical history then it is reasonable to send a summary of the history. On the other hand if a personís history is complicated then it would be preferable to send the original chart with various test results and consultantís letters attached. Given the fact that a year has passed since you changed doctors it is possible that the original chart no longer exists since the doctor may have concluded that he has fulfilled his obligations to you by transferring information about you to your new doctor. In that case it is possible that the record may have been shredded. That being said it would be reasonable to request that your former doctor send your original medical record to your new doctor, assuming that the record still exists.