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Pregnancy test - evidence of previous pregnancy?

Are there any tests which can confirm if a woman was ever pregnant, i.e. is there a specific blood or hormone test which can show if she was ever pregnant even if the pregnancy never went full term?

The short answer to your question is no. There are no hormone assays or blood tests that can confirm if a woman was ever pregnant. If a woman has continued to full term and has delivered vaginally the cervical os, or opening in the cervix, may look different because the os has been distended by the trauma to the cervix from the actual delivery. These changes in the os could be interpreted as being an indicator of previous pregnancy. However, if the woman had a history of early miscarriage then the cervical os might remain unchanged. There is one other scenario that might give indirect evidence of a woman being pregnant in the past and that is in the case of a woman who was rhesus negative. If such a woman were pregnant with a rhesus positive child her immune system would respond to the rhesus antigen from the baby and produce rhesus antibodies in response. These antibodies would persist in the motherís blood after the pregnancy came to an end and would be detectable with an antibody blood test. However, such rhesus sensitisation is not common.