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Calories - how many per day?

Can you tell me what is the amount of calories a man and woman should consume per day? The man weighs 14 stone and is almost 6 feet tall and the woman is 5' 3" tall and weighs 9 stone.

The average daily calorie intake for the data you have given is approximately 2,500 calories for the male and 2,000 calories for the female. However, these are very crude figures. If the male you refer to had a very sedentary job his daily calorie intake would be considerably less than the intake for a man who had a very active physical job. For example a farm labourer would require more calories per day than a desk-bound man working in an office. Also age can be a factor. As people get older they tend to be less active and consequently don’t need to consume as many calories as they did in the past. The “ball park” figures I have given refer to a male and female in their thirties who are moderately active in their daily lives. It is quite possible that such people could need 500 extra calories per day if their daily expenditure of energy were even moderately increased.