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Miscarriage - conceive soon after?

I had a miscarriage last week. If I have sex could I get pregnant straight away again and would it be ok so soon?

It is certainly possible that you could ovulate in the menstrual cycle following your recent miscarriage and if intercourse took place around that time the possibility exists that you could conceive again. You ask if that would be ok so soon, which is a very broad question. A miscarriage is not a minor insignificant incident and it is generally suggested that a woman defer becoming pregnant again for a few months in order that she has fully recovered from the miscarriage and has come to terms with the event. Miscarriage can have psychological and emotional consequences for many women apart altogether from any physical reactions that might occur. It is also worth pointing out that the risk of miscarriage exists with every pregnancy and that the average risk of a pregnancy ending in miscarriage is approximately 1 in 4. If a woman has a history of recurrent miscarriage those odds are shortened even further. Many women choose to defer becoming pregnant again for some months after a miscarriage but if there were some pressing reason as to why a woman would want to become pregnant soon after a miscarriage there is no medical evidence to say that she shouldn’t.