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Foreskin - painful injury?

I am 31 years of age. Some years ago I had an accident with my penis. The foreskin was too tight when I had an erection and the foreskin tore. I could not get an erection for a long time after and even though I did eventually get an erection it was not of the same size. Can you give me advice on where to go for help?

I think you should visit your GP and have your penis examined. It is possible that your foreskin may not have healed satisfactorily after the injury. It may have healed in such a way as to cause further tightening of the foreskin, which could impede a satisfactory erection. It is also possible that the discomfort and shock associated with the original injury may have conditioned you into anticipating further discomfort on attempting intercourse again, which in turn could affect your ability to achieve a full erection. Your GP would be the best person to assess the situation and could refer you on for further treatment should that be necessary.