Medical Q&As

Is my baby normal?

My baby is 9 months old and sleeps on his back. People have commented that his head appears very flat in the back. Is this a problem, or will it correct itself eventually as my GP said it would? Is there anything I should be doing to correct it?

The advice you have been given is correct and you do not need to do anything about it. The size and shape of the skull changes as the immature brain grows larger. The various skull bones that form the cranium or vault of the skull have not fully fused in a nine-month-old child. If the bones had fused at this stage the growth and development of the brain would be physically restricted. The mobility between the bones that form the cranium can result in various forms of asymmetry in the head. As the brain develops and the fault lines between the various skull bones fuse the flattening you have observed in your child’s head will disappear.