Medical Q&As

Blood group

I am A negative and my husband is O positive. Will we have difficulty when trying for a baby?

You say that you are A negative, which means that you are blood group A and are also rhesus negative. The rhesus classification is based on the presence of a particular protein on the surface of the red blood cell that is also found in rhesus monkeys. Therefore rhesus positive means that the protein is present and rhesus negative means that it is absent. If you are pregnant with a foetus that is rhesus positive the possibility exists that your blood could become sensitised to the foetuses blood and your immune system could react against it. The reaction is a bit like the immune system producing antibodies against the presence of an invader such as bacteria. There is no risk involved in a first pregnancy. You will undergo routine testing for such antibodies during subsequent pregnancies, which will anticipate any possible difficulties. If your baby is rhesus negative there is no risk. Your blood group should not create any difficulty in becoming pregnant in the first place.