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Alcohol difficulty - help?

Can you please confirm if there is any natural or other medication that can be got to stop the craving for alcohol? I am a sensible person but when alone cannot stop myself wanting a drink. I know I have a problem but live in a small town and could not get help without everybody knowing.

Your question indicates that you realize you have a problem. This is an extremely important development in your life because many people with alcohol related difficulties continue to live in denial. You are not in denial. You have acknowledged that a problem exists and you are now seeking help. I note your comments about living in a small town but you could go to see your GP and have a confidential discussion about your drinking. Your GP could do a lot to help you and could also discuss with you the treatment options that exist. In my experience many people have benefited hugely from the support of AA (alcoholics anonymous) and you might like to learn more about this organization by visiting their website, which can be contacted at: These two points of contact i.e. your GP and AA, would be in a position to support you further without breaching confidentiality.