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Inguinal hernia - I object to surgery?

Where is it possible to purchase a hernia control device known as a "Lightweight Spring" which I have used for over 20 years to control my hernia? I have a deep-seated objection to surgery. Is this device available in Ireland?

I regret that I am not familiar with the particular device you are referring to. I don’t know if the “Lightweight Spring” device is available in Ireland. I assume that it is used for the control of an inguinal hernia. You might find it useful to make contact with a retail supplier of medical and surgical devices who might be able to help you further with your query. Clearly the device has served you well for twenty years and you would probably be happier to continue using a device you are familiar with. As you are probably aware hernia control devices are generally not regarded by doctors as a best option for managing hernias. Surgery is considered to be the best treatment option unless there are serious health contraindications to undergoing surgery. I note your deep-seated objection to surgery and wonder why this might be? Are you afraid of the surgery or are you concerned about general anaesthesia. Many people who are unwilling to undergo surgery are actually concerned about the anaesthetic rather than the surgery. If that is the case there are alternatives to general anaesthesia such as spinal anaesthesia. There have also been a number of improvements in the surgical treatment of inguinal hernias in recent years. You might like to consider discussing these surgical options and alternatives to general anaesthesia with your doctor.