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Diagnosis uncertain - ill for months?

My husband has been feeling ill for some months now and the doctor has diagnosed him with different things; glandular fever, hepatitis, toxoplasmosis etc. He is still undergoing blood tests. Iím sceptical about these diagnoses. My husband has a large swelling in his abdomen just below his navel on his right hand side, and has been suffering with enormous amounts of wind, sometimes sitting up in bed for ½ an hour doing huge long burps! Would you have any idea what might be causing this as I think there might be something wrong with his intestines? Perhaps he has a blockage but he will not tell the doctor. He just keeps going along with the blood tests. Any insight would be helpful.

You list various diseases in your question which all share a common thread. They can all cause hepatitis or inflammation of the liver. Inflammation of the liver results in alteration of liver function, which is reflected in various changes in the biochemistry of the blood. This may explain the reason why your husbandís GP is conducting ongoing blood tests. You also say that you have noticed a swelling in your husbandís abdomen on the right side. This could be his liver because the liver can enlarge greatly when it is inflamed. You have suggested that the swelling could be a result of blockage in his intestines. That is a possibility but intermittent obstruction of the intestines is a not a common event. Your question suggests that your husband may not be telling the doctor the whole story, which if true is not satisfactory. If your husband is concealing information then he is not really assisting the doctor and is making the task of diagnosis more difficult than it need be.