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Sex drive - testosterone treatment?

I am interested to know if it is safe to take testosterone medication to improve my sex drive? I am in my early 60s. Do I need a prescription for this medication or is there some other supplement you would recommend?

Treatment with testosterone is usually reserved for those who suffer from medical conditions associated with low testosterone production. Deciding to treat a man with testosterone would only take place following a thorough assessment of the manís production of various hormones including testosterone. It would not be given as a symptomatic treatment for a low sex drive. Testosterone is available on prescription in the form of a gel, patch, injection or a tablet. Oral testosterone is rarely used because of the associated risk of liver damage, which could include liver cancer. Testosterone patches are becoming the most popular method of supplementing testosterone levels and are not associated with liver toxicity. Patch treatment also gives more stable blood testosterone levels whereas blood levels with injection treatment can be more erratic. There are many commercial sites on the Internet offering testosterone products for sale but I would be very cautious about some of the claims being made for these products. I would suggest that you establish with your doctor the reasons why your sex drive is low and then deal with the cause. The causes of a low sex drive are many and varied and there is no panacea that cures all known causes. The basic medical step of establishing the cause is the foundation stone of successful treatment.