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Abdominal pressure - causes?

I have an annoying pressure in my lower abdomen. It does not cause pain on urination. There are no visible signs of infection. My GP tested my urine and the test was normal. Can there be anything else the matter?

Pain in the lower abdomen can happen for a variety of reasons. It could be due an infection in the urinary tract, which extends from the kidneys to the urethra (the last piece of tubing conveys urine from the body). It is possible to have a urinary tract infection and yet have no visible signs of infection. It is also possible to have a normal result when testing the urine by dipstick and yet have an infection. Sometimes lower abdominal pain can come from the colon. For example constipation can often cause lower abdominal pain because discomfort from the colon is often perceived as coming from the middle of the lower abdomen. Diverticular disease is another common cause of such discomfort, especially in older people. Alternatively the pain could be gynaecological in origin and could be coming from the womb or the ovaries. There are several causes for lower abdominal pressure and I would suggest that you return to your doctor for review if the pressure persists.