Medical Q&As

Wilm's tumour

I am 16 years old. When I was one year old I had a Wilm's tumour removed. This left a large scar across my stomach. Is there any kind of surgery, which can be done to make this scar less noticeable?

A Wilmís tumour or nephroblastoma is a rare tumour that affects the kidney. It typically presents as an abdominal mass in early childhood and the treatment that you received can be regarded as being curative. I donít think a great deal can be done about your abdominal scar because it is not possible to perform cosmetic surgery without leaving some form of scar. Your difficulty is that the original surgery was performed when you were a tiny baby and that the scar has grown with you! If there are areas of the scar that have puckered perhaps those areas could be released however I am saying that very tentatively. If you are very unhappy with the appearance of the scar you could certainly arrange a consultation with a plastic surgeon but I am very concerned not to give you unreasonable hope.