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Removal of ovary - cyst on remaining ovary?

I was diagnosed last year with one large ovarian cyst in one ovary and another small one in the other one. I underwent surgery and they ended up removing my left ovary without my permission adding that the ovary wasnít working properly. Itís over a year now and I still have loads of pains. In February I was diagnosed with a small myoma in the uterus and I am really worried ever since. I am 26 and I would like to have children in the near future. So the doctors are not going to operate on me for the moment because the cyst is small enough. To be honest I donít fancy more surgery so Iím trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Maybe that works in the end. Who knows? Have you any thoughts on my situation?

The small myoma you refer to is commonly known as a fibroid and many women have such growths in the wall of the womb without ever being aware of it. Since it is small it does not require treatment and it should have absolutely no impact on the possibility of you conceiving. With regard to the removal of your ovary without permission, I assume that you gave consent for the exploratory operation to be performed. I would also assume that having observed the cyst the gynaecologist thought it best to remove it for a number of reasons. The gynaecologist might have thought it looked suspicious and needed to remove it to confirm that it was benign. Secondly the gynaecologist might have been concerned that the cyst could rupture at some future date in which case an emergency operation would be necessary. It certainly would not have been an option to close you up and ask you for permission to remove it some other time. But your question does illustrate the importance of informed consent prior to surgery. With regard to the small cyst on your remaining ovary it is reasonable to adopt a wait and see policy over the coming months because cysts can regress and disappear spontaneously.