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Pheniramine - available OTC?

Is pheniramine in tablet form available over the counter in Dublin? I have been taking Daneral for a number of years but this is now discontinued.

Pheniramine and Daneral are two different names for the same drug. Pheniramine is the generic or chemical name for the drug and Daneral is the proprietary or branded name for pheniramine produced by one particular company. Drug names can be very confusing because several pharmaceutical companies can market the same drug under their own individual brand name. For example, one manufacturer could produce a drug as a tablet and market it under one name and a competitor company could produce the same drug as a syrup and market it under a completely different brand name. That is the reason why it is extremely important not to take cocktails of various over the counter products because you could inadvertently be taking the same drug from different manufacturers without being aware of it because the brand names were all different. In other words you could be overdosing on a particular drug without being aware of it. Pheniramine/Daneral is no longer available over the counter in Ireland.