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Mobic - safe if trying to conceive?

Is it safe to take the anti-inflammatory drug Mobic (meloxicam) while trying to get pregnant?

All drugs available on prescription in Ireland are listed in the Data Sheet Compendium, which is a large reference manual compiled by the IPHA (Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association). This compendium gives comprehensive details about each prescription drug on the Irish market. With reference to meloxicam, the compendium states, “it is advisable to avoid the administration of meloxicam during pregnancy”. It also states that “meloxicam should not be given to nursing mothers”. This cautious recommendation is based on the research evidence that the drug has been reported as causing harmful effects to animal embryos when used in very high doses. This effect has not been documented in humans but whenever animal studies result in damage to an animal embryo a very cautious line is taken with regard to using the drug during human pregnancy. Based on these recommendations I would suggest that an alternative anti-inflammatory drug might be more appropriate for you. However, I enter a large caveat here. I don’t know why this drug was prescribed for you and there may be particular reasons why your doctor chose this drug for you because of that doctor’s particular knowledge of your case. I suggest that you discuss this matter further with your doctor. Finally, apart from the cautious line with regard to the use of meloxicam during pregnancy, the product enjoys a very good safety profile and is an effective anti-inflammatory drug giving significant relief to many people.