Medical Q&As

Traumatic birth - stitches now burst?

I gave birth 6 days ago and had several stitches. I have a suspicion that I may have burst one but I had such a traumatic birth that I am terrified of having to get another stitch. I also passed a largish clot on the third day after birth about the size of a kiwi. What should I do?

Stitches can sometimes unravel or cut through the flesh leaving a slight gap in the wound. However, it is usually not necessary to re-stitch the wound because the tissues in the perineum do tend to heal well even if a stitch has come undone. I would advise that you have this matter checked out in order to confirm if your suspicions are correct. If you have availed of the combined antenatal care scheme your GP could examine you and advise. If you did not use that scheme you could return to the midwife or hospital that assisted at the delivery. If your suspicions are correct it is likely that you will be advised to have daily salt baths, which will help to keep the wound clean and sterile. If there is any evidence of infection in the wound you may be given an antibiotic. With regard to passing the blood clot I would not be unduly concerned about that matter since such events are common and if they are not happening on a continuing basis can be safely disregarded. Finally I donít think you need worry about the possibility of being re-stitched so donít let that fear stop you from seeking help.