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Thirteen years old - no period yet?

My 13-year-old daughter has developed completely physically, is very tall, but has not got her periods yet. Should I be concerned about this?

A recent study in the British Medical Journal reported on the age of menarche (age of first period) in a group of 1,000 girls aged between twelve and sixteen years across ten British towns. The study showed that the average age of menarche was 12 years and eleven months, which is not far off your daughter’s age. The study also showed that the decrease in average age of menarche over the past 30 years has been small and amounted to less than six months. As with any measure of the average some people will be below average whereas others will be above average. On the basis of probability it is likely that your daughter will experience menstruation for the first time over the coming year. I would not consider her current situation to be unusual.