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Breast cancer - alternatives to HRT?

I had breast cancer a few years ago and was advised not to take HRT. Can you suggest any alternatives to HRT?

There are a number of alternatives to HRT (hormone replacement therapy) for you to consider. If you were suffering from troublesome flushing or sweats then clonidine or a beta-blocker could be suitable for you. These are both prescription drugs that your GP could prescribe for you. If on the other hand you were concerned with preventing osteoporosis a biphosphonate might be suitable. There are several biphosphonates available and these are also prescription drugs. It might be possible for you to use a particular form of HRT known as a SERM (selective oestrogen receptor modulator) but this would need to be considered by your oncologist. I am putting forward that suggestion tentatively because there is some debate about the use of SERMs in the situation you describe. In essence the answer to your question depends on a consideration of why do you want to use HRT in the first place?