Medical Q&As

Faintness - no cause found?

I have been feeling unwell, tired and at times fatigued for the past five years. It began with a feeling of faintness, but I never actually fainted. I have had various GP tests done, standard bloods etc and the only thing showing up is elevated cholesterol. I have also seen a heart specialist and everything was fine. My question is this; is there somewhere I can go to have a complete physical done “top to bottom” to fully investigate this? I would prefer that to being sent from specialist to specialist.

Clearly your situation is not satisfactory since you don’t yet have an explanation for your symptoms. You could request that your GP send you for a second opinion from a physician with a broad interest in general medicine. You might also like to reflect on the possibility that your symptoms might be psychosomatic and not physical in origin. Faintness is a very unpleasant symptom but when these is no apparent cause for it following appropriate testing then you need to broaden your horizon and consider other possible causes. With regard to the “top to bottom” examination it is important to point out there is no examination or series of tests that will test for every possible cause from A to Z for a particular complaint. All medical assessments are selective and are based on the most likely causes of a particular complaint.