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Testicular pain - cancer risk?

I sometimes get a mild pain in the lower left side of the abdomen and left testicle. It usually happens when I am in bed just a few hours before waking up. I did not feel any lump on the testicle so I donít think it could be testicular cancer. What could be causing it? Could it be serious and could it go away without treatment?

I doubt if the problem is serious and it is certainly possible that the discomfort could disappear without medical intervention. However, although you say that the pain is mild it does waken you, which leads me on to suggest that you see your GP about it. The pain could be happening for a variety of reasons. It could be due to a strain in the muscles in the abdominal wall or could even be due to the position of your body during your nightís sleep. Perhaps you have a small inguinal hernia. Maybe the discomfort is due to groin strain. Certainly the intermittent mild nature of the symptoms tends to out rule an important cause for the pain but maybe it would be best to have it checked.