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Coil expulsion - anal intercourse?

I am considering having the coil inserted as I have been on the pill for years and feel it is time for an alternative form of contraception. I have one teenage child. Thereís one thing bothering me, though, and Iím too embarrassed to ask a doctor directly about it. I enjoy anal sex occasionally and Iím wondering if I will risk dislodging the coil during anal sex. Is this possible?

There is a small risk of any coil becoming dislodged and expelled from the womb within the first few weeks of insertion. When the coil is inserted the woman is instructed on how to check if the coil is still in place. It is recommended that the woman perform this check after completing a period. It involves self-examination in which the woman inserts her finger into the vagina to check for the presence of the strings from the coil. The coil has thin thread like strings attached which hang out through the cervix when the coil is inserted. When the coil is eventually removed the doctor pulls on these strings thereby gently pulling the coil out from the womb. Therefore the presence of the strings confirms that the coil is still in place and has not been expelled from the womb. Once the first few weeks after insertion have elapsed and the first period has occurred the coil should be securely in position within the womb and the risk of expulsion should be remote. The act of intercourse, whether vaginal or anal, should not result in expulsion of the coil unless it was already in the process of being expelled anyway. Once you check periodically for the presence of the coil strings there is no need for you to abstain from anal intercourse. It is also worth mentioning that male partners of women with coils in situ are not aware of the presence of the strings during intercourse. In conclusion you do not need to worry about dislodging the coil during anal intercourse.