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Skin cancer - safe to remove?

My mother has small cancerous growths on her feet and lower legs. She will be getting them removed soon but I donít think they are life threatening. She is 76 so I am wondering if this is serious for her age? She has had them for about 18 months.

It is most unlikely that small cancerous lesions on the leg would be life threatening. Such lesions are frequently removed under local anaesthetic therefore I would not be unduly concerned about your mother undergoing such a procedure at 76 years of age. I believe that it is the correct decision to remove the growths because they could spread or even give rise to ulceration if left untreated. Such a development could severely affect your motherís mobility and independence therefore I would be very supportive of the steps being taken to deal with the growths. It is quite possible that the procedure will be performed as a day case thus obviating the need for an overnight stay in hospital.