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Pain upper arm - self help?

I have a heaviness or ache in my upper right arm especially when lifting a mug of tea or moving my arm in a certain way. I was wondering if you knew what this was or would I have to get it checked out by a doctor. I have this for the past four weeks.

There are many causes for pain and heaviness in the upper limb therefore I would suggest that you visit your GP in order to have the problem assessed properly. Your symptoms could be due to arthritis, a soft tissue injury, a pinched nerve, reactivation of an old injury or a muscle or tendon problem. Sometimes the symptoms you describe could be related to capsulitis or inflammation of the capsule that envelops the shoulder joint. All of these diverse problems have their own particular symptoms and physical signs and the treatment for one condition might aggravate another. In other words there is no universal treatment that works in all cases of upper limb pain. Since your symptoms have already been present for a month I would suggest that you visit your GP without further delay because upper limb problems can become very persistent and more difficult to eradicate if they are ignored and allowed to persist.