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Cognitive therapy - availability?

I have suffered social anxiety for most of my life. I have heard that cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) helps. Where can I get information on the availability of CBT in Ireland?

Cognitive behavioural therapy is a collaborative exercise between client and therapist through which the client and therapist work together to develop a shared understanding of the client’s problem. Having identified and described the problem they then work together to identify how this problem affects the client’s thoughts, feelings, mood and behaviour. Cognitive behavioural therapy has been demonstrated to be very beneficial in the treatment of social phobia and also has shown great promise in reducing the rate of relapse in depression. I have not been able to locate an Irish web site devoted to this area but the British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies has a web site that contains contact details for a number of therapists in practice in the Republic of Ireland. Those details can be accessed through the following link: