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UTI - correct treatment?

I have a UTI (urinary tract infection) and have been prescribed Klacid Forte tablets. The information leaflet supplied with the tablets does not include UTI as one of the infections that this particular antibiotic is used for. I am concerned about this and hesitate to ask my GP in case she feels that I doubt her.

Klacid is the proprietary name for clarithromycin, which is a very effective antibiotic that is widely used in the treatment of many different types of infection. However it is not very effective against enterobacteria, which are a common cause of UTIs. The safety profile of the drug is excellent so I would have no concerns about you coming to any harm from taking it. Although UTI is not listed as an indication for using the drug there may be particular reasons in your case for your doctor prescribing as she did. I would suggest that you contact your GP and discuss your concerns with her. If the doctor was not aware that the drug was not indicated for UTI I am sure that she would be grateful for you bringing that information to her attention. On the other hand the doctor may be very aware of that information and may have prescribed the drug for you for a very particular reason. I think that you should talk to your GP about your concerns.