Medical Q&As

Genital warts - what to do?

I think I might have genital warts. Could you tell me if I go to my GP will he just send me to the STD clinic, or will he be able to treat them?

The answer to your question depends on your GPs level of knowledge about STDs. Some GPs have a particular expertise and interest in the subject and have comprehensive testing facilities available, which enable them to diagnose and treat the various forms of STD. Another consideration is the number and location of the warts that are present on your body. Warts may be few in number and clustered in one location or they may be dispersed over a wider area of the genitalia and perineum. It is worth noting that there are several prescription products available for home application that are very effective in the treatment of genital warts but they tend to be less effective if an excessive amount of warts are present. If a lot of warts are present they may need to be treated by cryotherapy or cautery. On a practical level you have to be able to see all of the warts and be able to apply the lotion to them if they are to be treated successfully. Sometimes warts can be located around the anus in which case it would require the elasticity of a contortionist in order to properly apply the treatment to oneself. I would suggest that you visit your GP and have the diagnosis confirmed or rejected. Many people present to their GP with various lesions on their genitalia that are perfectly benign, not due to STD and may even be a feature of their normal anatomy.