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Laser surgery - correct eyesight?

How do I go about getting laser surgery to correct eyesight? What hospitals provide this service (specifically any in Cork)?

Your first step should be to visit your GP who would be aware of which centres perform laser surgery in your area. Your GP can then assist you with the referral. You should also be aware that not every person is suitable for such surgery. If you have pre-existing eye disease the procedure is contraindicated. The procedure is also not recommended for people suffering from diabetes. Those people suffering from autoimmune conditions such as SLE and rheumatoid arthritis are also excluded because of the possible eye complications that can be a feature of those diseases. The cost of the procedure is tax deductible and is only available as a private treatment in a private hospital. There are several hospitals providing the treatment in both Dublin and Cork. I am not aware if it is available in other centres in the Republic of Ireland but it is also available in Belfast. There are two forms of laser treatment available called LASIK and PRK. These are both acronyms with LASIK standing for laser assisted in situ keramatomileusis and PRK standing for photorefractive keratectomy. The former procedure costs approximately 2,000 per eye and the latter costs approximately 1,500 per eye.