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MMR - vaccine reaction?

My daughter had her MMR vaccination on Saturday and was up all last night feverish (temperature 38.6), breathing strange, fitful in sleep, coughing, nose running and vomiting. Should I panic? She is also teething at the moment.

The symptom pattern you describe is typical of an acute viral illness. The fact that your daughter is also teething may be adding to her general level of misery. It is quite possible that the child was incubating a viral infection at the time of the vaccination and her current symptoms are related to the viral infection rather than being attributable to the vaccine. Side effects can occur with the MMR vaccine as with all other vaccines. The common types of early reaction we see with MMR are fever and mild inflammation and tenderness at the site of vaccination. Some children can develop a mild form of measles called “mini measles” one to two weeks after the vaccine has been given. Since your daughter was vaccinated within the last forty-eight hours we can out rule that latter possibility. It is unlikely that the symptoms you describe are related to the MMR and as previously stated are more likely to be due to a coincidental viral infection.