Medical Q&As

Tiredness - remedy?

I am constantly tired, even after a full nights sleep. Is there anything I can do to counter this?

The first step you need to take in solving your problem is to establish why is it happening. Tiredness is merely a symptom and not a diagnosis. All of us experience tiredness from time to time but it is usually of short duration and the cause is usually apparent. There is a multiplicity of causes for tiredness and if it has been present every day for a number of weeks then you should see your GP. It may well be that your tiredness is due to a tiring work schedule or a dietary deficiency. However, it could be due to medical problems as diverse as anaemia or an under active thyroid gland. Very often tiredness can be a cardinal symptom of depression. In my experience depressed people rarely present to their doctor and announce that they are depressed. They frequently present by saying that they are feeling tired and on further exploration it emerges that they also have additional significant symptoms of depression. Given the wide range of causes for persistent tiredness it is clear that there is no panacea that will treat them all. In summary if your tiredness has been present every day for several weeks then you should visit your GP and have the matter assessed.