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Bleeding piles - remedy?

I have suffered from haemorrhoids persistently for ten years now. I have always bled, but bleeding seems to have increased. I have increased the amount of fibre in my diet in an effort to avoid constipation. I am not constipated now but still have the bleeding. I have used an antiseptic ointment around the anus but obtain little relief from that. Have you any other solution?

Given the fact that you have persistent rectal bleeding I think that you should see your doctor with a view to having your anus examined. It may be necessary for you to undergo proctoscopy, which involves the use of a small scope that enables the doctor to look inside the anus and examine the haemorrhoids. Once the haemorrhoids have been examined it will then be possible to proceed with a plan of action. Persistent bleeding from haemorrhoids needs to be assessed and I would be reluctant to advise a solution involving the use of OTC (over the counter) remedies. In the meantime I would advise discontinuing the use of the antiseptic ointment. That will have no effect on the piles and could conceivably give rise to anal irritation from repeated use.