Medical Q&As

Moles - excision biopsy?

I have two large enough moles on each cheek of my face. I think Iíve got them from exposure to the sun. I havenít got them tested but I really would like them removed. Is this possible and safe?

It is perfectly safe to have these moles removed. Since they are located on your face it might be best if they were removed by a plastic surgeon in order to ensure that you have the best possible cosmetic result. It is extremely unlikely that they are cancerous but even if they were, removing them would not be dangerous because the whole lesion is usually removed. In other words the whole lesion is removed at the one sitting rather than removing a portion for tissue diagnosis and then going back later to remove the rest. This procedure is referred to as an excision biopsy. The tissue is always sent to the laboratory for analysis to confirm that there are no abnormal cells present.