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Undescended testicle - post repair?

I am 16 years old and I just recently had an undescended testicle removed. I had a prosthesis (silicon testicle) inserted into my scrotum but the skin is a bit tight although not to the point of discomfort. It looks a bit odd. Will the skin adjust in time?

Human skin has a certain degree of elasticity therefore I would expect that as the scrotum accommodates to the presence of the artificial testicle the current sensation of tightness in the scrotal skin will diminish. It is bound to feel slightly different to you because up to the time of your operation one side of your scrotum would have been empty due to the non-descent of the testicle on that side. You also say that surgery was performed recently therefore there may still be some slight residual inflammation present in your groin and scrotal area from the operation itself. I expect that the sensations that you are currently experiencing will resolve over time as your scrotum accommodates to the presence of the adult sized artificial testicle.