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Tooth stains - removal?

I have been travelling for about two years now and I have not had any regular check-ups with my dentist. I have noticed some brown/yellowish staining of my front teeth, which I attribute to cigarette smoking and drinking tea. I have tried some specified toothpaste for this but it doesn’t not seem to work. I do take good care of my teeth, brushing about 4 times a day. Would you happen to have any tips in how to remove these stains other then going to the dentist?

Tea, coffee and tobacco can cause staining of the teeth. There are several toothpastes and whitening gels on the market that may help to remove stains and whiten the teeth however you indicate that you have used a stain removing product without much success. I wonder if you left the product in contact with the teeth for long enough? Some of these products contain peroxide, which needs to be left in contact with the teeth for 5 to 10 minutes in order to be effective. I would be reluctant to recommend any other self–help solutions to you assuming that you have used the original product in accordance with the manufacturers instructions. It might be best to see a dentist or a dental hygienist if one is available in the dentist’s surgery. You could then have your teeth cleaned and polished professionally. Maybe you could save yourself this trouble if you stopped smoking.