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Double chin - treatment?

Why do so many people seem to have a double chin? I notice that very many young people, who are otherwise slim, tend to have a double chin. Is there any way of getting rid of a double chin (in somebody who is otherwise slim) without having to resort to surgery?

Excess skin and fatty tissue beneath the jaw lead to the formation of a double chin. Laxity of the platysma muscle may also be a contributory factor. The platysma is a flat sheet of muscle under the chin and if it is lax the area under the chin can sag. The double chin effect may also be accentuated if a person has a small chin. I am not aware of any effective treatment that reduces a double chin other than surgical correction. I say that in direct response to the specific scenario you have given of a person who is otherwise slim. If a person were over weight then weight reduction would have some effect in reducing the size of their double chin. The surgical procedure involves removing the fatty tissue from under the chin and in some cases the platysma muscle may also need to be tightened up.