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Wilkinson's disease - what is it?

My nephew has recently been told he has Wilkinsonís disease and he is on treatment. What is Wilkinsonís disease?

Wilkinsonís disease is also known as Sneddon Wilkinsonís disease after the two dermatologists that originally described the condition in the late 50s. It is also known as subcorneal pustular dermatosis. The condition is a benign relapsing condition of the skin that results in the formation of sterile pustules in the groin, armpits and under the breasts. It principally affects skin flexures. The cause is unknown and although the condition is benign it can persist for a very long time and tends to run a course of relapse and remission. The skin eruption can cause irritation of the skin but the person is usually well with the condition and tends not to suffer any general symptoms. Some dermatologists think that it might be related to pustular psoriasis. The condition is very rare.