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Rosacea - laser treatment?

I suffer from rosacea and came across a mention of a new laser treatment. Can you tell me if this treatment would be suitable for my condition and also if it is similar to PhotoDerm treatment for rosacea. If so can you please tell me if I should go to my GP regarding making an appointment or should I contact the centre directly?

Laser treatment and PhotoDerm treatment are not the same thing even though they are both forms of light treatment. The word laser is an acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation whereas PhotoDerm is a registered trademark for a form of intense pulse-light therapy. The essential difference between the two systems is that lasers use one continuous light wavelength whereas PhotoDerm uses multiple wavelengths of light. Both systems are used in the treatment of rosacea. PhotoDerm treatment consists of short bursts of intense bright light that is shone directly on the skin. A computer driven programme chooses the appropriate wavelengths and pulses of light. The light dose is dictated by the colour of the personís skin, body area to be treated and the skin type. A key feature of this treatment is that it is possible to treat large areas of skin quickly. I would suggest that you obtain a letter of referral for a consultant dermatologist from your GP in order to be advised as to which form of treatment would be most appropriate in your particular case.