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Vaginismus - want to conceive?

Is it possible for a woman who suffers from vaginismus to become pregnant through some kind of artificial insemination? If so where could this be done?

It is possible for a woman to become pregnant without experiencing penetrative sexual intercourse. This is achieved through artificial insemination with the partnerís semen. The technique involves gathering a sample of the partnerís semen by masturbation and inserting the semen into the vagina using a sterile syringe. However, if the vaginismus is of severe degree the insertion of the syringe may also be difficult due to the reflex tightening of the pelvic floor muscles. This procedure should be performed at the time of ovulation and usually needs to be repeated on a monthly basis until successful. Any doctor that practices the technique of artificial insemination can perform this procedure. This would include some GPs and gynaecologists. You could discuss such referral with your own GP. If this technique proves successful for you there is no need to be concerned at the possibility of having any extra difficulties during childbirth because of your history of vaginismus. Having given this answer it should also be stated clearly that help is available to overcome the problem of vaginismus. There are a number of sex therapists available who could help you deal with this problem if you wished to pursue that option.