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Blood count - normal values?

My mother had her knee replaced seven weeks ago. She needed two units of blood post-operatively because her blood count was only 9.7. It has now gone up to 12.6. What should a normal blood count be?

Strictly speaking the figure of 9.7 that you refer to in your question is not your motherís blood count but rather it is her haemoglobin level. The haemoglobin measurement is simply one element in the full blood count. The full blood count consists of a series of readings that includes the haemoglobin, red cell count, white cell count, average size of red cells and various other measurements. Normal haemoglobin levels range from 12 to 16 for an adult woman and 14 to 18 for an adult male. These are approximate figures since there may be some variation between laboratories with regard to the range of normal values in each laboratory. This variation between laboratories depends on the type of analyser being used and other local factors. Individual test results are usually given alongside the range of normal values for that laboratory so that the individual figure can be compared with the normal range.