Medical Q&As

Angina - fit for air travel?

I suffer from angina. Is it safe for me to fly to America?

You do not give any clue as to the severity of your symptoms however, taking your question at face value and assuming that your angina is stable and you have no other cardiovascular problems it would be safe for you to fly to America. You should also check that you are adequately medically insured before you travel. Should you take ill from a heart complaint while in America you could find that your insurer might not automatically pay the medical costs that might arise especially if you had not disclosed that you suffered from angina prior to travelling. This could create an increase in your travel insurance premium but it is better to disclose such information in advance rather than facing difficulties if you have to claim on the policy. If you were to become ill in America and did not have adequate medical insurance you could be liable for substantial medical fees. Donít allow my cautious comments to put you off your plans to travel. You can certainly fly without fears for your health but make sure that you are insured.