Medical Q&As

The pill - confidentiality?

I am 16 years old and I have a steady boyfriend who Iíve known for years. Two weeks ago we had sex and I'm scared that I may be pregnant. We used a condom but I am still worried. Can I go to my GP in confidence and ask for the pill?

Since you are sixteen years of age you do have the right to visit your GP in confidence for the purpose of getting a prescription for the pill. I think that would be the sensible option now that you are sexually active. You say in your letter that you used a condom but you were still worried. I assume you mean that you are worried about the risk of becoming pregnant in the future rather than being concerned about the possibility of conceiving as a result of having sex two weeks ago. It is extremely unlikely that you would have conceived following a solitary act of intercourse especially when you and your partner were using a barrier method of contraception. I am glad that you have suggested the option of visiting your GP because I am concerned that many young people are reluctant to visit their GP for contraceptive advice. At sixteen years of age you are no longer a child and you are entitled to be treated as an adult.