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Breasts - unequal size?

One of my breasts has increased in size. It is very noticeably larger than the other. I was wondering if you could give a reason for this? As far as I can see there is no visible lump etc.

It is difficult for me to give a definitive answer to your question because you do not give your age. During adolescence it is not unusual for one breast to grow larger than the other as the person matures but usually this size difference eventually disappears. Sometimes a breastfeeding mother will notice that one breast may become larger than the other but the breast usually recedes back to normal size once breastfeeding has been completed. It is also worth stating that it is not unusual for one side of the body to be a different size to the other because both sides of the body are not symmetrical. In other words some people may have one hand that is bigger than the other or have one foot that is bigger than the other. It is very unlikely that the change in breast size is due to the development of a lump because most lumps are not visible and are usually detected by feeling them. I would suggest that you discuss this matter further with your GP in order to have your question more fully addressed.