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World Cup - travel vaccination?

My son is 20 years old and travelling to the world cup in Japan. Does he require any travel vaccinations?

There is no need for your son to be vaccinated for travel to Japan however, your question should prompt him to review if he is up to date with all relevant childhood vaccinations. In other words was he vaccinated against tetanus, polio etc as a child. I make that point not because he will be at any increased risk of these diseases in Japan but rather if he is thinking preventively he should consider if he is currently protected against diseases that could pose a threat here in Ireland. There is a condition known as Japanese encephalitis, which I mention simply for information. It is a mosquito borne viral infection but there is no need for your son to be vaccinated against it since he will not be staying in Japan for an extended period of time. If he were moving to Japan to work there and particularly if he were moving to a rural area of Japan then vaccination might be worth considering. However, holiday travellers and those visiting cities do not need to be vaccinated against Japanese encephalitis. As stated previously I mention the disease for information only because it is quite possible that you or your son could read or hear about this condition and that might prompt you to think that he should be vaccinated against it. Travel to Japan for the World Cup does not require special travel vaccination.